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Name: Fender Bender
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: the velvet underground...nsc
Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2018
Time: 10:49:27 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: the velvet underground...nsc

John Cale (viola, bass, organ, vocals) had a lot to do with their sound early on. After Cale was summarily fired by Reed, the contributions of his replacement Doug Yule (bass, vocals) were in part responsible for moving the band's sound into a more mainstream pop-rock direction. During this time, Sterling Morrison stepped up as primary lead guitarist and Reed who had been a somewhat manic lead player, played mostly rhythm. Why I'm not sure, unless it was another way of pursuing a more commercial sound. Maureen Tucker had a unique primitive drumming style, playing with mallets while standing with the drum kit in a semi-circular pattern. VU were anything but virtuosos (perhaps classically trained Cale being an exception), but they sounded like no one else. Hippie-peace-summer-of-love was certainly not their forte. As far as influence goes, that probably didn't surface until a few years after the original lineup disbanded. Early Bowie and Talking Heads seem to have been listening, among others. This band is also noteworthy in that most of their record sales happened years after the band threw in the towel and not during their heyday in the mid-to-late 60's.

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