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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: US or UK?
Date: Thursday, March 01, 2018
Time: 10:29:02 AM
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RE: US or UK?

I'll take up this matter---in favor of the US. While it's true that nobody really needs to "be better than," the impact and influence of US music cannot be ignored.

San Fransisco, LA, Seattle, Nashville, New York, Texas, northeast Georgia, Detroit, and even Denver all have had incredibly good music scenes producing countless bands and sounds, all in and SINCE the 60s. Putting the Beatles aside for the moment, from songwriting to innovation, I believe that Americans, whether in a band or solo, have taken more risks and explored more, whether or not that translated into sales, recognition, or whatever. The Brits always seem to know how to work a melody so well and to make things just sweet enough to really go global but it is Americans who have more often, to me, been cutting edge and wild and developmental. This is the kind of thread that demands examples and more discussion, which I will give soon enough, but not right this second.

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