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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Yes, music was better in the past
Date: Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Time: 10:17:24 AM
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RE: RE: Yes, music was better in the past

I never brought into that "your living in the past" garbage that some say about us oldtimers on our feelings for modern day rock music. I have tried to get into the newer music several times, and in the rare times when I heard something new that was good, the band that made the descent music disappears after making only an album or two.

It isn't like I'm not exposed to the newer music today, either. Raising my grandson, who's now 17 now, clearly exposes me today to all of it. One thing about him that's a good thing, is that he's just like his late grandma, his mom, and me, as he listens to music all day long, even when he's playing his games or texting his friends or girlfriend, he's got music playing. The only new rock music that he plays that I like, is reggae artist Damian Marley, who is the son of Bob, and who sounds like his dad (who died when he was only a baby and whom he never knew). But that's the only good new stuff I hear coming from his room. Well, other than he is also into new country music a bit too, and when he plays that I like what I hear, but I assume we are only talking about new rock music here.

I have also learned through him that there is different kinds of rap music, and the kind he listens to, although I don't care for it, isn't as bad as the crap his 2 year older non blood brother, who grew up here and used to live with us, used to play all day long. That style of rap drove me crazy, with every other word heard being the F or N word. No talent at all in that kind of rap, not that the kind that my grandson is into takes too much talent, either. But there is a difference between the 2 styles of rap, and unless you are exposed to it, you might not know that.

Bottom line is that modern day rock music is totally lacking and nobody seems to make true classic rock music anymore. I loved the Stones new music on their last album, but that wasn't classic rock either. It was blues-rock, which isn't the same thing. I hope their next new LP will get back to basic old rock, since the last one wasn't the true Stones at all, even if it was a good LP. I mean, listen to the old blues-rock that the Stones played in the '60s and '70s and it didn't sound anything like what was on their last album. This LP while still excellent, wasn't what I expected when I heard they were doing a blues LP. I was thinking slow Chicago blues (and I still want that true blues LP from them, which I guess we'll never see), like in the vein of "No Expectations" and "Love in Vain", which is the Stones at their absolute best, but sadly we got none of that at all on B&L. I mean, other than that one number with Eric Clapton, there was no slide guitar played by Keith or Ronnie on the entire LP. What the hell was that all about, you put out a blues album with no slide guitar on it?

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