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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Real Alice!!!
Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
Time: 2:23:10 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Real Alice!!!

Pretties for You was their first LP, produced by Frank Zappa and recorded in 1968. It's contains some Acid Rock (which was what we used to call Garage and Punk music mixed with very early Heavy Metal music), but it's mainly a Psychedelic Rock LP, and it's the only album of theirs I don't have today. Haven't heard it since around the late '70s or so and that one I never played a lot, so I can't even remember most of it other than the single "Reflected".

Easy Action was their second LP, with more of what was on the first LP, I got that one but never play it. It was when their third album came out in '70, the masterpiece hard rock LP called Love It to Death, that I started to really dig 'em and by that one they were playing at their best and all of the rest of their LPs after that were also flat out great too, including the last one that some didn't care for, as it wasn't as hard rocking, but still cool. But the only one I actually wasn't crazy for at all was the School's Out LP, other than the title song on there was great. Yeah, I had the panities covering the LP too, then that part of it got banned in the U.S. after a few months time.

Alice Cooper as a solo act I don't listen to at all, did at one time have his first and third solo LPs, which were at best okay, but too New Waveish for my tastes, especially the first one. I always wanted the LP he wrote with Bernie Taupin From the Inside, which he recorded with Elton John's old main band (other than there's no Elton on it), which I always heard was real good, so I need to get it and give it a listen, as I only know one song on there, the single "How You Gonna See Me Now". I also hear his new LP that has those 2 songs from the old band on it, is very good too and even selling real well, something that hasn't always been the case with his solo works, and unlike how most of the old band's LPs all sold at Platinum levels, other than the first 2.

I also understand that solo Alice still puts on a great show. I saw the band's B$B tour and damn was that a great show that they put on! I would love to see the surviving members together again. Too bad poor Glen Buxton drank himself to death in the late '90s trying to be like and live like his old favorite rocker Keith Richards. He could play lead guitar in his prime even better than Keith, but he couldn't handle the booze, either, and by the last tour he could hardly play anymore and was why the band broke up. I recall reading when they held their first reunion in Texas for 2 shows, I think it was 1997, or '98, that everybody said he was back and was playing his usual mean lead guitar again, then he just dropped dead less than a week after those last 2 shows were played.

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