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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: 2 replies in one
Date: Friday, November 10, 2017
Time: 8:14:58 AM
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RE: 2 replies in one

First to bluesboy:

Barry Goldwater? Don't recall hearing of that, unless I'm getting the two senators from Arizona mixed up?! But Goldwater had to be a very old man by the time Alice moved back to Arizona in the early '90s I would think. But then again, old retired men like to play golf, too. Maybe he played with both of 'em?

He also played a lot of golf with Glen Campbell before Glenn got sick, and Glen was right wing, too - and for sure his next door neighbor. The 2 were close friends and their kids were all best friends with each other.... Alice recalled after glen died, that early on while playing golf with him, how it was clear to him something was wrong with the dude because he would keep repeating stories and jokes while they were playing the last few rounds that he had just told Alice on their first round. Ready was a sad story to read, 'cause Glen seem to be a nice guy.

Shattered wrote:

Pete's auto book "Who I Am" is one heck of a can't-put-downer!

I've heard many good things about his book and look forward to reading it. I actually paid for it, too, so I can read it and not have to review it, which will be excellent! You do read books differently when you don't have to review them, since you don't have to remember every detail of the book like you do if you are gonna review them later on.

Yet I bet that Kindle thing must be cool for reviewers to have, since I assume that if you need to go back to say one page, or to one part of the book while reviewing it, you can search for it using Kindle, instead of looking back in the book and turning many pages and guessing where the text you need might be located.

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