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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: I really couldn't care less
Date: Friday, November 10, 2017
Time: 6:44:58 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: I really couldn't care less

Agree with you manny, but I want to know about anybody who I do business with, and that includes any artists who I might spend money on, and if I know somebody is a true asshole - like say Ted Nugent, I'm won't spend a dime on their work since I'm not gonna help that nut grow stronger moneywise. Yet that doesn't mean I won't buy the works of some Republicans, it just depends how nuts they are. The old Alice Cooper band is my third favorite rock band, and their lead singer, Alice, while an Independent, and claims to not favor any party, really is a Republican, be it a rare liberal one. He is actually old golfing friends with Sen John McClain (yet another rare liberal Republican). Yet I got every single Alice Cooper record that the band put out and saw them live back when they were still together back in the '70s. Alice might be a bit to the right, but I still love the guy anyway and will spend my money on him.

I just got my hands on Pete Townsend's auto yesterday; always wanted to read that book and now I finally will. I see nothing wrong in reading up on rock stars or anybody else, most of them have very interesting lives worth reading about. I might not care how they lead their lives, but I like to know who a person is, too. Most books that I have read were sent to me for free because of my work, although I'm starting to reject free offers now, since I'm mainly retired from writing reviews for newspapers and magazines these days. A few weeks ago I turned down a request for a copy of the new book Ronnie Schneider is publishing, titled "Out Of Our Heads My Life with The Rolling Stones and Beatles". Just 2 years ago I won't have done that, but today I am since I look at writing reviews as more work than anything else, and I'm getting away from working too much anymore. Yet I decided to finally review the remaining albums of the Beatles (their first 3 UK LPs and also YS) online that I never reviewed at my Classic Rock site's album page, since I might as well complete writing about their entire catalog there for their studio LPs, and those 4 are the only ones I haven't reviewed so far (I know some fans say YS wasn't a true studio Beatles album, but it was, even if only half of it is).

But when I do that in the next couple of week, that' will be writing online and not for being paid by some offline publication, yet I even rarely ever write reviews online anymore, either. When I reviewed the Stones new album earlier this year, it was the first time in about 2 years that I had done that online. Guess I'm getting like you fellow Gassers in my old age in not wanting to write online album reviews anymore!

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