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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)
Date: Saturday, November 04, 2017
Time: 11:14:17 AM
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RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)

Tony Burrows, yes, another interesting lead singer whose name (well no, not his name, but one of his groups) also comes up in the new Rock poll that starts late Sunday night. Not that it's a big secret, let's just say that next week's Rock poll will look at bands with hit songs that really weren't real. With Burrows, only one of those bands you noted made the list, while the others didn't, since as you noted, the other 3 or 4 bands he sang lead for were actually studio bands, in other words, real bands that just never toured. The poll is not about studio bands and that's why they aren't listed. But hell, I have no poll set up or planned for 2 weeks from now, so perhaps with some free time next week I could run a poll question about those kinds of bands too, in 2 weeks? I would first have to see how many are out there that had actual hit songs. So thanks for the poll idea, there may or may not be enough such bands to run a poll with, I will have to see.

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