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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)
Date: Saturday, November 04, 2017
Time: 6:47:43 AM
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RE: RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)

Mentioning compilations reminds me of a lucky break I caught.

Here's a single that I hated at first, and it was never released in America (for some strange reason!) This got heavy airplay on a radio station I didn't care that much about, but it was on at work, (and in the car when we were all together.) WALK-FM here on Long Island. Why they played this song so much I don't know.

Well, I made the same dumb mistake I would later make with "My Brave Face", not giving it a proper chance, because of the way it started. Well, here it is, it's by a duo called Ottawan ==> "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)"

When I actually paid attention one particular time, I realized hey this a damn good fun party song, and PERFECT to include in my running tapes!

Couldn't find it though. It wasn't released here.

Then I walked into a record store nearby where I lived in Lake Ronkonkoma, a pretty hip store too called Record Connection, and I described the song to the dude working behind the counter.

Without moving a step, he simply reached over a little to his left and pulled out a cassette tape and handed it to me.

It was a party compilation of various artists, including -- you guessed it -- Ottawan! You believe this?? "The Twist" was also on there, as was our much beloved "Monster Mash"! It was a good party compilation.

Lots of fun running to "Hands Up" Ronnie!

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