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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)
Date: Friday, November 03, 2017
Time: 11:40:58 AM
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RE: Songs you hated, but later loved (nsc)

Funny that "2525" is one of those songs for you. For me it was the total opposite with that one! I thought it was a great song when I first heard it, then years later I realized how stupid the lyrics were, or should I say, how the predictions were so off and not even close. I don't feel like repeating what I wrote in the past on this tune, but what I did write up at my Rock site's No Sense Lyrics Page, is still up there, so if you like, you can read there my feelings on that song (and a few others). Just look under the song's title for this number.

It's weird, but I can't think of any songs at the moment that grew on me - at least not any rock songs (yet there must be one or 2). Some country songs, yes, and many classical songs too, since as a kid I hated that kind of music while today I like that kind of stuff. I can think of 2 artists off hand who I didn't care for as a kid and yet love today, that being Bob Seger and Van Morrison. With Seger I only liked him a bit, while today a lot, and with Morrison the change is even bigger. I flat out disliked him years ago yet today I can't get enough of his music.

Okay, now that I typed this out I can think of one song, since yesterday I started working on this week's new rock poll question and this song came up there, that being "Sugar Sugar". I hated that song when it first came out in '69, and the fact it was a big hit, and song of the year, made me hate it even more. Yet today, if I hear it playing (that's a rare thing) I actually liked it now and will even sing along!

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