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Name: Keno
Subject: My Blue and Lonesome review - finally!!
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Time: 4:37:23 PM
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My Blue and Lonesome review - finally!!

I finally got around today to rate, and write up a review for the Stones new, but not so new album, Blue and Lonesome. It sure took me forever to get around to writing this one up, but yes, I do dig this blues album a lot. Maybe not as much as their last LP, but it still lands in my Stones Top 10 album list, while bumping the overrated (just not overrated by me) EOMS off that list.

Thing is, we only have one fan review of the album in so far (thanks’ to Fatmo). Yes, that was my fault, as the album review form was not working for months, until about 3 weeks ago. But it’s back up now and the only rating it has is a “7”, placing it near the bottom of the list as far as the fans ratings go. So, the form is back up, and if you really like this album – what are you waiting for? BTW, I’m not just talking here to Gassers, but to you lurkers, too. The overwhelming number of albums reviews that come into this domain – including Stones album reviews, come from non-Gassers (aka, you lurkers!). So no question, we need a few more fan reviews regardless if you’re a Gasser or not! So start writing away my fellow Stones fans and let all of us know what you think of the new album!

To read my review of Blue and Lonesome, just click here: To write a review for this LP or any other Stones album, or to see where all the albums stand when rated by us fans, you can go there: Stones Fans Album Review Page.

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