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Name: Fatmo
Subject: My Blue and Lonesome review - finally!!
Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017
Time: 4:44:40 AM
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My Blue and Lonesome review - finally!!

My feeling is that it is common to overrate new albums by the Stones. I certainly did it myself with BB. It's normal because we all get a warm glow when the Stones produce new work. However, IMO there has been noticeable decline in what the Stones do since Dirty Work (not one of their best albums, but a REAL disintegration album--and I think Mick and Keith have never really had a good relationship since that time). I suspect the problem might be that Keith and Mick do not really like each other very much any longer and certainly don't gel too well on the writing side these days. It has never been easier than now to distinguish between Mick and Keith songs. VL features a couple of great songs--particularly "LIS" but even here there is a certain ersatz quality to the album. I described it in my review on the site as "the Greatest Hits" that never were. Out of Tears or Blinded by Rainbows are nice songs (clearly by Mick) that hark back to ballads of the 60s. There is no way either of those could have appeared on (what for me) were the Stones's last real albums (Undercover and Dirty Work). In fact there is precious little similar to those Mick tunes on anything in the 70s and 80s. Perhaps they would have been better suited to a solo Mick album. In the glory days, Mick used to nail the latest trend as with disco on Miss You and Emotional Rescue. But stuff like Blinded by Love, Blinded by Rainbows and Out of Tears are actually nostalgic throw backs to the 60s.

Anyway, of course I respect Keno's opinions about the post "WW3" albums, but he is much more positive about this period than I am. For me, the Stones have become in these latter days a great touring band with a fantastic back catalog strong enough to sustain these massive tours. However, most fans at these concerts really don't care much if the Stones never perform anything from post 1986.

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