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Name: Keno
Subject: RE:Great structures need filler to be held togethe
Date: Monday, April 24, 2017
Time: 1:09:30 AM
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RE:Great structures need filler to be held togethe

The Stones are CONSISTENT. They rarely (if ever) make a truly lousy or forgettable albums. Other great artists (solo or group) DO make bad albums, including former Beatles, and countless 'greats'. But there is rarely a bad album by the Stones.

They are consistent, agree.... but Dirty Work is clearly not that good an album, and most of their fans dislike it. But one bad apple out of all of the rest is not bad at all, indeed.

But.... named me one bad Beatles album. The Beatles didn't make a bad album ever, unless you count the non Beatles crap on YS, which again, wasn't the Beatles. Now I know you noted "former Beatles" and not the band, so okay. But then again, name me one bad Lennon solo album that had poor songs by Lennon on it. Yoko's work doesn't count, since she isn't Lennon, just look at Lennon's songs only and tell me what solo album with his songs that he put out that wasn't any good. There weren't any bad Lennon solo LPs, including the underrated Sometime in NYC, IMO.

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