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Name: cool cool hand
Subject: SG/A/U/BB/Faces/LZ vs the Police/Fab song titles
Date: Monday, March 20, 2017
Time: 7:36:11 AM
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SG/A/U/BB/Faces/LZ vs the Police/Fab song titles

SG vs Aftermath is a really difficult choice. I prefer Paint It Black, Lady Jane and Under My Thumb to anything on SG and I Am Waiting is a gem too. If Aftermath had Jumping Jack Flash on it too, I think it would just get my vote. As it although SG doesn't quite produce anything of the quality of the best of Aftermath, it's such a consistently good album, it gets my nod just over Aftermath. Some Girls, Respectable, Before They Make Me Run, Far Away Eyes, Beast of, Miss You and When The Whip are all great songs for me.

In the second poll She Was Hot and Undercover are both good songs but can't compete with BB.

Ronnie Lane was my pick as Steve Marriott got more recognition but were both great and underrated.

I Feel Fine in the Beatles poll!

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