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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: 2 replies in one, plus 2 more photos
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 3:30:20 AM
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RE: 2 replies in one, plus 2 more photos

Well for now I can't take this all down now, your photos are just too cool to do that, since if I take down the post you requested, everything directly under it, including those great photos you just posted, will be gone too. So instead, I'll just totally edit out the comments from those other posts and that way I can keep this up for as long as you have those photos online..... In the meanwhile, to anybody reading this after those replies above were edited out and who never read them, well no, they weren't removed because anybody got flamed, as flames of course are not allowed, and had they been flames, they would had been taken down as soon as I read them. But people can post about what's on their mind here, and let's just say what was on JF's mind 2 days ago isn't anymore, and if a Gasser asks me to remove a post or reply of theirs, I do so. But for now, I'd like to keep these photos up, and will (if it's cool with JF), since people online often ask me what it looks like where I live, and JF's photo gives you an idea, only thing you can't see is the valley down below our town, or the San Juan mountains, which are all to the west of here, as JF's photos are all looking east.

Jaded Faded wrote:

you should wait till I drop by this summer and give you a pile of fresh boletus mushrooms collected from the big thru-hike I'm planning.....

Boletus mushrooms, yummy! But are you real good at knowing your mushrooms? I'm not at all, in part since I'm color blind, I can see colors, but not in the correct way, and that's how you can tell which ones are eatable and the ones that aren't. Last year was one great year for mushrooms around here, and we had a few real big wild ones growing in our garden, but I didn't know if they were good ones or not. One of my grandsons' friends was over one day while I was in the garden, and he kept telling me he knew for sure that they were good eating mushrooms, he kept saying to me, "just look at the color", but I can't go by that since I don't see color right. Since the kid was only 15, I didn't want to take any chances in case he was wrong, So we never did eat them. involves Comanche Lake, Venable/Comanche passes and all the way on down North Crestone Creek to the very bottom on the other side. I haven't been there in a while

Sounds like your hike will start off on the other side of the mountains, near Westcliffe? That's one long and beautiful hike! Jackie and I hiked up that way just last year, but we didn't get that far, we just went up to around the treeline.

The first two are from the Willow Lake hike, which you must know.

Gosh, I haven't been up to Willow Lake in ages. We were suppose to go up there last year and never did. So it's in my plans again for this year. Did you go up from the Crestone side? If not and you only came down that way, then we say around here that you went the easy route. Those 22, or is it 24 switchbacks in the beginning of the hike will kill the average hiker, but then after you get up all that, you come to what many call the prettiest meadow in Colorado, and you can only see it from that one spot. It's called "The Meadow at Willow Park". But you still got a good 2 hour hike to get to the lake from there.

But to any long time Gassers or lurkers, and I mean from back around '04 or so, who might recall a post I made here about me and a friend being attacked by a big horn sheep with 2 babies, who we came upon suddenly and she didn't see us, and we startled her. This took place just below Willow Lake, thank goodness my friend yelled to me to "get behind the tree", since it happened so fast and I don't think fast enough under such instances. So I posted that story here and good old Starbuck had a field day with me over that for a good year later. He kept saying "You got attacked by a little mountain goat?" Of course, some mountain goats are big, but this wasn't a damn goat, it was a big horn sheep, so then he would post something like "you got attacked by a little sheep?". I'm sure he remembers that if nobody else here does.

cool cool hand wrote:

Maybe we should all follow suit with a few more pictures.

Everybody is free to post photos here whenever they like, but only a few ever do. But the instructions on how to post photos here is explained in the FAQ page. For years we had a Gassers photo page up where I posted photos that Gassers sent in to me. We actually had a lot of great photos, plus this cool online map that showed where all us Gassers lived, and it covered the entire world. But the place that supplied the map closed down and in time, like several years ago, and the newer Gassers weren't sending in new photos, so I ended up taking down the page since I didn't have the time to really maintain it.

Anyway, since we are talking photos, over at my weather site I have a photo page of local weather events from this area, which has several excellent photos of these (our) mountains. So I'll show 2 below, since they are already online. I took neither of these, some friends/locals did and sent them in to me. The first one was taken out in the valley down below us (called the "San Luis Valley"), and you can see the spot where JF took his photos from, it's just below, to the left of the 14,000+ foot high mountain on the very right side of the photo. Then the second photo is of that meadow I just wrote about before you hit the lake, after the switchbacks. That photo was taken in fog, so you can't see all the mountains above it, and no photo gives any justice to such a place (you got to see it in person), but the photo is cool enough. But come to think of it, in the middle of that photo, in the fog and up a bit, is again where Willow Lake is located.

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