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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: RE: 2 replies in one, plus 2 more photos
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 10:47:07 AM
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RE: RE: 2 replies in one, plus 2 more photos

Hmm, maybe we should just leave this thread up now and call it the photo thread? It is probably just as well, and I definitely think others should feel free to add to it.

About mushrooms and the Sangre-de-Cristo mountains, I've been all over down there. We did a day at the Sand Dunes, did Willow Lake as a day hike out of Crestone (yes, I've been there, and to that amazing meadow), did Sand Creek Lakes via access from Music Pass on the east side, and also Lake of the Clouds just one drainage over from Venable on the east side as well. But I haven't yet been to North Crestone Lake, so as part of that hike we plan to use a shuttle hopefully, leaving one car at N. Crestone campground and one on the Westcliffe side. I definitely know my mushrooms, but I only pick up King Boletus and its sub-varieties and then also the Red Pine Mushroom. See the picture below, Red Pine is on the right, boletus is on the left.

And here is one more shot, looking mostly north, showing Broken Hand Peak and the Crestone Needle and South Colony Lakes from the pass above Upper Sand Creek Lake. You definitely live in a cool place, Keno:

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