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Name: Keno
Subject: For now, some bad news about our board
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 2:58:05 PM
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For now, some bad news about our board

This news won't affect any of our current posters, but the problem with the board's sign-up form is even worst than I was thinking, and I just found out that it's not working at all (for the most part).

If in the last 3 weeks or so you tried to send in for a new password, I didn't get it, and I only just realized this. I'm very sorry about that, and for now, until I get a totally new form made up, there won't be a way that you can sign up to join in here posting - unless you send me directly a email asking for one. For now I had to take down the form where you sign up for one, since it's useless.

All of the forms on my entire domain aren't working at this time, and other than the one connected to Gasx3, the other ones have been off line for a few years now. That's why there haven't been any new album reviews here in ages. I've been trying to solve this issue for a long time and 2 weeks ago decided to hire my server's host to fix this problem, but I was told today that the forms can't be fixed.

I made those forms up myself in the late '90s using what today is totally outdated technology and I was using codes that aren't even used today. So since I've been retired from web designing for several years now and I'm not up to date with the new web tools out there (it costs to much to be), I have to hire my server's host to do the work, and it cost $50 an hour to do. I have 4 different forms that need fixing, so I hired them to go fix 2 of them for now; the one to sign up here, and the one to write up Stones album reviews. But I live mainly on Social Security payments these days, and nobody helps out here at Gasland at all anymore (I might as well take down the donate page). I actually and always rather just pay for my domain by myself, and been doing that for the last year and a half now. So no, I'm not bitching, or asking for any help, but without new blood, Gasland will die in time, and there's been very little new blood here in the last year, and now I see that the form had not been working regularly for maybe that long. Looks like Fatmo was the last one to send in on that form, but even that was almost 2 months ago, and he was lucky the day he did that. I just sent out 10 sample signup forms, and got only one back, that what 10%? 90% of the time the form fails. So until I can get this fixed, no new blood here unless I'm directly emailed to, and that never happens, people don't want to signup in that way.

So as I have stated before, I hope to have 2 new forms up asap so new Gassers can sign up, and so some of you can send in a review of the new Stones LP, which isn't even that new anymore. But I got to see what I can afford at the moment, since it was going to only cost $25 and hour to have somebody else fix the forms, but to build new ones, it's double that price per hour.

I am sorry about this delay, but so goes life online.

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