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Name: SheRat
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Thank you all...
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Time: 9:52:37 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Thank you all...

HI Syph. Thank you for the story, it is exactly warm. I knew Jimmy would never intentionally hurt anyone and was, indeed, a rare, genuine-ly good-hearted, generous person--and much misunderstood--one reason why we saw each other so clearly. I was always more just sad about the whole thing.

Probably relationships work out better when one person is the roller coaster and the other is the passenger...when both people are roller coasters, well, watch the fuck out! But I missed him.

This is SO weird. I just realized that only this past weekend did I take out the Howlin' Wolf shirt Jimmy gave me and I've been wearing it around the house--but literally, it's been out of rotation for like, years and JUST this week I started wearing it again.

I've put my email up there and also asked Keno to forward it along if you'd like to speak more. Hang in there! I'm totally down if you wanna sit shiva on the interwebs. I know how you must be feeling.

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