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Name: Syph
Subject: Thank you all...
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Time: 3:53:34 PM
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Thank you all...

...for your words and wishes. Jimmy was my Energizer bunny for sure. On a side note, but relevant nonetheless, I lost contact with him around the time the Stones played in NJ...I couldn't reach him for anything. I left emails, texts and messages everywhere I could think of - "Jimmy - Call me ASAP, it's very urgent. You are scaring me and Iím worried about you." Turns out he was in Reno and had a different/new phone with him...But I was telling people I was fearing the worst because he wouldn't respond. Yesterday, when the phone rang it said the caller was "Jimmy's New Phone" I thought "I wonder what's up?" - it was the bad news...It's almost like it happened twice...the first time through was a test run for yesterday.

I haven't contacted She Rat because I don't have any contact info for her...I remember being in a small import truck w/her and Jimmy...Me sitting bitch in the middle, She Rat driving, and Jimmy on my right...Cop behind us. We talked She Rat through it and luckily I lived nearby...but I'm going to miss him - He was the guy who always got me off the couch to go to gigs. It absolutely breaks my heart that he won't see the final Stones shows...

I will stick around - I will also let you know more information as I get it, post obits etc. as they become available.

Take care everyone and thanks again.


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