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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RIP Jimmy Whitley (aka Cardinal Fang)
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Time: 11:16:40 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RIP Jimmy Whitley (aka Cardinal Fang)

Didn't he have a bunch of guitar tabs made up that you posted Keno?

Damn, I totally forgot about that, yes! I had this guy back in '98 who gave me all of the guitar tabs for all of the Stones songs up until 1970. Then Jimmy asked me where the rest were for after '70 and after I told him that was all I had, he put them together for the site.... all of the rest of the songs, we had every song from every album up to before ABB came out! Then around 2004-5 or so, the record companies started a crack down on posting that kind of stuff on-line without permission. I had gotten permission back in the '90s to post the song lyrics from both the Stones and Allen Klein, but when I approached Klein again about the tabs in mid '00s, he was already dying at the time and no longer running things for ABKCO, and his office would not give me permission to use the tabs online. Knowing how ABKCO was/is on suing people, I had to take all of the '60s stuff down and at that point I decided to take all of them down, even the songs that ABKCO didn't control, since the Stones camp wasn't getting back to me on permission.

I believe I still got that stuff all saved on my old, now back-up computer, I should look and see if I do. Who knows, things are a bit different today, record companies have seen the light on stuff like this - web lyric pages help sell records, so they might allow guitar tabs today?.... Although I guess tabs would not help sell any sheet music, and money is all they are interested in.

But yes, Jimmy took the time to do all of that for us fans, he did know his guitar stuff very well.

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