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Name: Make Me Run
Subject: RE: RE: Mouse Trap and Useless Hunting Cat (nsc)
Date: Monday, January 30, 2012
Time: 9:00:38 PM
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RE: RE: Mouse Trap and Useless Hunting Cat (nsc)

I don't think it's a big problem. I think it's just one who made it's way in during a tree bloom and who found a small plastic bottle of cooking oil to chew through under my sink. I don't even think I bought it, but I might have put it there when I moved in. Previous owner didn't really empty this place out totally. Anyway there are only cleaning products under there now. I simply don't leave food out, or garbage... and this is the first sign I had that something was in my place like this. There are pipes under the sink where something small could get in. I'll get the bugger if it's still around.

I have a tree outside dropping yummy tipbits right now that could attact some wildlife at the moment besides this mouse, and has as I've noticed outside too.

Mice love cooking oil. I was at my friends up north years ago who has a 100+ year old house that has lots of places for mice to get about in. Well I was cooking for us and she told me where the oil was. So I got it out and as I reached for the top I noticed a small hole in the bottle and than the dead mouse that drowned in it. Hmmmm, I joked she had an interesting bottle of flavored oil, but I wasn't interested in trying it.

Hehe... I should make an oil drop for this mouse it fall into. Feeding it peanut butter maybe was a mistake, but it doesn't look like it has been back yet today. Have to see what creeps while I sleep... and feed the cat coffee putting it on duty all night. LOL!

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