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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: A Better Mouse Trap (nsc)
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Time: 11:22:00 AM
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RE: RE: RE: A Better Mouse Trap (nsc)

No, as I noted, that was before I had a cat. My traps killed all of those, minus a few in the water bucket. As LYL notes, my cat is the same way, he rarely eats them, he kills them - but he don't bring them to me, he just leaves them where he kills them. I have seen him eat them maybe two or three times, that's it. Although the other day I found a dead one in the living room - but only it's head, so he ate most of that one, too. I figure he kills about 5 to 10 a year in the house and garage, at least, that is about what I usually find in a normal year. He could be eating one or two more a year that I don't know of, I guess. But yes, get a cat and the mice will not even enter your home anymore, that's how it works, they can smell the cat and leave asap!

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