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Name: Stonesprofessor
Subject: Building A Better Mouse Trap (nsc)
Date: Monday, January 30, 2012
Time: 7:12:16 AM
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Building A Better Mouse Trap (nsc)

My cat is a pretty good mouser - we know we have one in the house when Shadow is looking up at the false ceiling in our kitchen..trotting all over the house..and then we see her with something in her mouth. Trust me, once she gets her quarry, its not a pretty sight!

First, after she makes sure we see her carrying it, she'll 'play' with it - letting it go, catching it again, and repeating for a short time - THEN she takes it upstairs...and throws the damn thing in the bathtub, because she KNOWS that the poor mouse cannot get itself up the slippery porcelain. Then she jumps in the tub, bats it around a little, then perches on the rim of the tub watching it. After this has happened a few times, the mouse has literally shit itself from fright, losing fur...and is literally exhausted itself almost to death. Cats can be so cruel - I have literally walked in the bathroom, the mouse in the tub....and my cat is on my bed, sleeping taking a break! Thats when I get a broom out, and whack the poor thing to put it out of its misery.

One f the scariest sounds you will ever hear, is the audible SQUEAKING of a mouse trying to escape from a cat that is torturing it in a place it cannot escape from.

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