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Name: Sweet Virginia
Subject: That makes sense to me
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Time: 12:15:37 PM
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That makes sense to me

Very deep thoughts indeed. And I can't even smoke a joint before I give my opinions!

1) If a bear shits in the woods and there's no living thing around with a nose. Does it still stink?

I would say.

2) Do good hearted atheists go to heaven if heaven actually exists? I'm thinking about George Carlin and Kurt Vonnegut here.

I would say, but you'll have to read my thoughts on what is heaven.

3) What is Heaven?

I think it is what each and every one of us create for ourselves and others - to be in total happiness and love. I don't think we are here and then we die and move on to heaven or hell. I think we are over there and we come here to this old planet for "school" if you will. We create our own heaven and hell here on earth. Sometimes others create it for us. Sometimes its what we choose before we come over to this side. Every scenario is pretty much different, depending on what each and every individual is here to learn in this lifetime.

4) What is God?

I think God is a name we have given this Source so we know what to call him/her/it. God is all of us. God is love. If we can all learn how to love anyone or anything, no matter what that person or thing has done to us, there is probably no need to come back to "earth" as we will have conquered the most important thing of all.

5) Can you really drink until you're sober?

I doubt it - there wouldn't be as many impaired's if you could!

6) Is every cop really a criminal?

Not every

7) Is every sinner really a saint?

Not all

8) Has anyone ever truly drank the town dry?

Don't know, but I've tried!

9) Has anyone ever truly painted the town red?

Don't know

10) How will people remember you when your time is finally up?

Not really sure. Hopefully that I did right by everyone

11) Let's say God (A Creator of the Universe) doesn't exist. (There is no concrete proof either way.) How does one explain evolution, intelligent design, the body's ability to heal itself, the ridiculous cuteness of small children, and baby animals, blooming flowers, LOVE, and The music of The Rolling Stones?

I don't want to go here

12) If God does exist. How could he, she, it, (take your pick), allow the atrocities and suffering which even innocent children are subjected to?

We all have a blueprint before we come here and we choose our own bullshit to go through on our journey. Its how you handle it all that counts.

Interesting to read what a lot of you have written! I really don't beleive in religion. I beleive we should all just love one another because we are all from the same source, black, white, red, etc.

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