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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Deep Thoughts By TM ssc
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Time: 3:54:33 AM
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RE: Deep Thoughts By TM ssc

Damn, those are some of the kind of questions that can lead to problems here, mainly because we type what we think and are not talking to each other, and when you can't hear a person's voice, and only read what they have to say - it can lead to problems.....

1) If a bear shits in the woods and there's no living thing around with a nose. Does it still stink?

You're drinking again tonight, right? We got a lot of bears around here, and they usually shit at nite when nobody is outside. Unlike most places, I don't find dog shit in my yard by strays, but I do find bear shit (and a lot of deer shit). But anyway, I never tried to smell it, if you get my drift, but anything coming out of a living being smells bad, period.

2) Do good hearted atheists go to heaven if heaven actually exists? I'm thinking about George Carlin and Kurt Vonnegut here.

Which heaven are you talking about? Many Atheists believe in Nirvana, which is different, but some call Nirvana and Heaven the same thing.

3) What is Heaven?

A dream like world where the living want to go since most of the living can't accept the fact that we are mortals and will die some day. Others will say that any kind of afterlife is heaven, therefore if you are into Hinduism, you are living in heaven right now. For me, heaven is right here on Earth, along with Hell. It is what you make of your life or sometimes, like for little kids, you might be placed there and in the case of Hell, not by choice.

4) What is God?

A loaded question with all kinds of answers, as you already know.

5) Can you really drink until you're sober?


6) Is every cop really a criminal?


7) Is every sinner really a saint?

Nope, but many are.

8) Has anyone ever truly drank the town dry?


9) Has anyone ever truly painted the town red?


10) How will people remember you when your time is finally up?

Depends on the person.

11) Let's say God (A Creator of the Universe) doesn't exist.

Okay, God doesn't exist.... happy?

(There is no concrete proof either way.)

Depends on the God you are talking about, but for several of them (well, most) I think the odds are against any God(s). Again, it depends on what a "god" is to you. I know god exists, and I know God(s) doesn't exist, and I see the proof for myself to know this is a fact to me, and that is all that matters for myself.

How does one explain evolution, intelligent design,

Evolution - with science, intelligent design - no proof at all.

the body's ability to heal itself,

Ask a doctor. But that works both ways, how about the body's inability to heal itself?

the ridiculous cuteness of small children, and baby animals, blooming flowers, LOVE, and The music of The Rolling Stones?

The cuteness of small children is because of their innocence and overall drive and youth - and their lack of hate. With the Stones, the answer lies in our ears.

12) If God does exist. How could he, she, it, (take your pick), allow the atrocities and suffering which even innocent children are subjected to?

Why stop there, how about the atrocities and suffering of all of mankind? Most humans are good people, so why should anybody suffer? Just because some preacher, or bible (written by man) says so don't mean it is truth. God is a scapegoat for our fears and suffering; while on the other side of the coin, God can be the adults Santa, too. God exists in the minds of most humans for the reason I stated way above above heaven - most are afraid to die even if they don't admit it and even if they accept death (like we got a choice). Most people I know who are not totally afraid to die are Atheists and Buddhists (and most Buddhists are actually Atheists). The only humans who believe in a God and are not afraid to die are usually into Hinduism and those who practice some of the off shots to the Eastern religions. Okay, some of those Muslims are so brainwashed that they are not afraid to die, either. But, and I say this with no disrespect, most Christians who I know are afraid to die. Some aren't, but most are.

I'll close with what a great god wrote about the different Gods out there.... GOD (by John Lennon) ... God is a concept By which we measure Our pain I'll say it again God is a concept By which we measure Our pain.... I don't believe in magic I don't believe in I-ching I don't believe in Bible I don't believe in tarot I don't believe in Hitler I don't believe in Jesus I don't believe in Kennedy I don't believe in Buddha I don't believe in Mantra I don't believe in Gita I don't believe in Yoga I don't believe in kings I don't believe in Elvis I don't believe in Zimmerman I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me Yoko and me And that's reality........... I'll skip the rest of the lyrics. I do believe in god, I'm a god, my kids and grandkids are god, you are your own god, etc. I just don't believe in God.

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