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Name: Travellin' Man
Subject: Deep Thoughts By TM ssc
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Time: 12:47:00 AM
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Deep Thoughts By TM ssc

1) If a bear shits in the woods and there's no living thing around with a nose. Does it still stink?

2) Do good hearted atheists go to heaven if heaven actually exists? I'm thinking about George Carlin and Kurt Vonnegut here.

3) What is Heaven?

4) What is God?

5) Can you really drink until you're sober?

6) Is every cop really a criminal?

7) Is every sinner really a saint?

8) Has anyone ever truly drank the town dry?

9) Has anyone ever truly painted the town red?

10) How will people remember you when your time is finally up?

11) Let's say God (A Creator of the Universe) doesn't exist. (There is no concrete proof either way.) How does one explain evolution, intelligent design, the body's ability to heal itself, the ridiculous cuteness of small children, and baby animals, blooming flowers, LOVE, and The music of The Rolling Stones?

12) If God does exist. How could he, she, it, (take your pick), allow the atrocities and suffering which even innocent children are subjected to?

Yes. I'm asking you to think here. That is the sole reason I ask these questions. ( Well. I kinda wanted to think myself.) There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. To become an "instant philosopher" answer the above questions, or at least a few of them. Professor Travellin' Man phd, is not a strict task master at all. I'm about as laid back as they come unless you get in my face. (In fact, you can grade your own answers. Because I sometimes like a challenge, and tonight is one of those times, I will attempt to answer all these difficult questions for myself. I defiantly ask one more question. Why not try to answer them? What harm can be done? And you might just learn something about yourself. Wouldn't that suck?! lol.

1) It stinks to high heaven and quite glad I'm in my suburban home and not anywhere near those particular woods!

2) If there's a Heaven. Those two are at least honorary guests just for the laughter they give to the legitimate residents. Personally, I think Vonnegut is an Atheist Saint.

3) It's when you hit the lottery, make love, your team wins the Super Bowl, and the Stones played at halftime, all on the same day. (NB came close to heaven a couple years back.)

4)The Universe, the intelligence and the love behind it's design.

5)Naaah. Not real sobriety.

6)There are actually some good cops who take the "Serve and Protect" very seriously. And there are some cops who are the biggest hypocrites and criminals in the world. The percentages depend on where you live.

7) No one is entirely bad or entirely good.

8) Yes. Billy Bob Mountcastle drank the town of Scaredsheep, Alabama (pop. 2) dry on a night in 1974! He stole, and consumed, his brother, Bubba's last six pack while Bubba was away on vacation in Twitsville, Alabama. Yes. Drinking the town dry can be done!

9) Yes. Clint Eastwood had it done for him in the fine Western, 'High Plains Drifter'.

10) Differently

11) Hmm. It was all created by more than one creator? I don't buy that it just simply "happened".

12) Because God does not "allow" or "disallow" the acts of human beings? Either good or evil. We are talking, "Free Will" here. And such things are "allowed" to exist so we, as individuals, can demonstrate who we are, and where we stand, in relation to such atrocities and suffering in the realm of relativity. Keeping in mind, a lifetime is but the blinking of an eye, in relation to "ALL Time".

Your thoughts and answers are welcome.

Cheers! BTW. Isn't it funny. The most important questions in life have no absolute answers. One must create "beliefs" instead. You are what you think. Think on that...

Enjoy your coffee. I'm going out to drink the town dry, paint the town red, get arrested by a cop who is also a criminal, and take my rightful place as a sinner who is also a saint.

Share that bottle, Ronnie.

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