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Name: Swayed
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Deep Thoughts By TM ssc
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Time: 9:12:34 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Deep Thoughts By TM ssc

As a young kid looking into a clear night sky I never saw God, I saw a mystery. And growing older nothing really changed, that fundamental question naggingly remained, How did all this vastness get here? Science tells us it was the Big Bang. Okay, cool, the evidence, an expanding universe, does point to one. But what the heck created the Big Bang!?

Actually, I don't worry myself much about the question of existence - which is not to say I don't believe the question can't be answered. Astronomy has many remarkable thinkers and given enough time who knows?

Clearly I am not a religious person and so don't look for my reward in heaven. I believe when I die only my memory will remain and I am okay with this. It's only important I live well and not waste my time given the short time I'll be here.

Why God? It's my belief that humans fear life as much as they fear death and this is why humans believe in God. Life for most is a real struggle and so there's a need for a semblance of certainty and confort, which for them God brings.

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