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Name: Undercover
Subject: Thanks Keefer
Date: Monday, January 23, 2006
Time: 9:34:20 AM
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Thanks Keefer

You are right about growing old and the concerts of today. Of course it would be inappropriate for me to act like I did in the past. It would be like me going to a bar to try and pick up college girls. Those were the days too... but they are over.

Maybe the only time we can publically behave like a rock and roller is at a Stones concert, but late at night, eyes closed, with the headphones blasting Ya Yas, we are still living the life. When we watch those DVDs and call out to our friends..."Look at Brian, see how happy he is!" or "Look at Ronnie play!" we are living the life still. I always play a cut or two from the DVDs when my friends come over... you know what? They always say "Thank you."

But here is a fine point. Those moments of being a rock and roller you described live on forever. So those moments live on in our hearts and no job or resposibility can take that away from us. One time I asked a girlfried if she would ever take her top off at a Stones show. She said, "No, I'll wait until we get home." She was great...nobody can take that away from me lives on forever!

I loved the concert I saw in Chicago early in the tour. I am sure this one is going to be even better. In Chicago the security guards even searched my cigarette pack but I fooled them by stuffing the cigarettes with the good stuff. This time I am going to trick all those security guards and regulations in a way that will make the show as memorable as some of the wild concerts I have been to.

Yeah... I want to hear the Ronnie I love, that is most important to me.


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