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Name: Travellin' Man
Subject: 'High' Adventure In The Garden (A Review 1/18)
Date: Friday, January 20, 2006
Time: 1:11:40 PM
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'High' Adventure In The Garden (A Review 1/18)

The experience of taking in a Stones show at MSG and just as important, doing the pre show partying with cool Gassers like Keefer, Human Riff, and Payphone Al etc. turned out to be very much like I thought it would be. An unforgettable fucking blast! Ah but there would be some great surprises in store before the night would end. Hell. At times I would surprise myself.

I flew from D.C. to New York after getting a total of 3 hours sleep at a crappy Manassas motel. Keefer had already arrived at the Ramada. So I met him on the 33rd floor around 1pm. First impression of Keefer: He looks amazingly like a 29 year old version of the front man for the World's Greatest Rock & Roll band! No shit. He could easily go to Vegas and make a living as a Jagger impersonator.(I have photos to prove it.)

Had lunch with Keefer, Human Riff and his friend Matt near Times Square.

By 3pm Keefer, Human Riff, Payphone Al and I were drinking some cold ones and trading stories at the Hotel Penn, 'Joe O's'. (It would be nearly 12 hours later when the constant flow of our favorite liquids would end.) My God did we have a glorious buzz by the time we left Stouts, just before the Stones were to come on. Stouts turned out to be the place to be for the pre show Stones party. Lots of Stones fans, Cyber and otherwise,were there. They had 'Rock And Roll Circus' playing on the multiple large TV screens. Or Stones music. I fell in love with our waitress. Enjoyed flirting with her for hours. We must have arrived there about 5 and left for the show shortly after 9. Talked to the Irishman Gaza(sp?) Thanked him for his setlist page at Rocks Off. He said it took him 2 months to set that baby up. He smiled big in appreciation for my appreciation. Talked to Love You Live who was wearing a cool 'Stones' red baseball jersey. A nice guy as expected.

Everybody was having a good time. And thanks to Payphone Al (my smoking buddy for the day) the first of several cool surprises took place on the sidewalks outside Stouts. The buzz had a new Super form by the time we returned to Stouts for more beverages. Pay Al is a great guy. Thanks for the 'sidewalk of dreams' stroll, Al. And the good conversation all day long.

Time came for us to leave for the show. It was at that time a hand came towards me and the owner of the hand announced he was, 'Torn And Frayed'. Wish we could have talked longer T&F. Still it was good to see you.

I was double fisting two beers, walking back to our seats in sect. 202 when Keith riffed JJF's opening chords. A great opener.

So many have already reviewed the songs I will keep it short and sweet. Love Is Strong was a cool surprise for me. Anytime Mick is on the mouth harp I am happy. And it was a first for LIS this tour.

It made Keefer and Human Riff's night that WAY was played. I was hoping for some more fast paced surprises and I am not really a big fan of 'falsetto Mick' songs. But their excitement made me happy for them. I would have been acting like them had 'Bitch' or 'Respectable' made the setlist.

Midnight Rambler gave me some dirty guitars I was hoping for. Very welcome after WAY and Rain Fall Down. It was a fine version of MR. I could not keep a smile off my face from that point on.

Keefer was "the man with the plan" for the highlight of the night! While Keith was setting up for ,'This Place Is Empty'. I followed Keefer down to the floor and the B stage. How we got past security/ushers I am not going to reveal. But the plan worked. And the disposable camera in my coat pocket suddenly became priceless rather than disposable to me. Oh security would tap me on the shoulder about 3 times to make me show my ticket during the B stage performances of Miss You, Rough Justice, GOOMC and HTW. Then have me move on. They did the same with Keefer. I lost sight of Keefer after awhile. But I remained in the B stage area at times no more than 15 ft. from our Rock Gods!

The moment of the night for me was after being distracted by an usher and moving over to a spot with less people. SUDDENLY and surprisingly (because I was gloriously wasted by now) I looked slightly to my left to see Keith Richards and Mick Jagger only a few feet above me and no more than 20 ft. from me. Keith looking in my direction. That image I do not need a camera for. It is etched in my memory forever!

I would snap some decent shots from down there (remember the type camera though) Still, some fine personal souvenirs.

After the B stage. I was dissappointed to find the the sale of beer was discontinued. Went back to sect 202.

(BTW I remember talking briefly with Jack Flash. At what point of the show that was I don't know.) But he needs to update his Gasser photo. He now looks like he should be in a Rock band. Long wavy blonde hair. And could pass for 18. Good to see you Jack.

So I'm back in 202. But somehow I am not with the rest of my party. There were 6 empty seats. I'm assuming those are the ones. My memory gets fuzzy from here on. I remember some wild young lady kissing me over and over as the concert continued. She would tap me on the shoulder. And when I turned around she would kiss me. This would happen about every 5 minutes. I remember people were laughing and having the time of their lives. I remember dancing and really getting into the final songs. I remember initiating some loud outbursts from our part of the Garden before the encore with a loud southern WOOOOOO! I was high fived for leading a couple of rows in singing the last five songs. Again,details are fuzzy at this point on for me. But I know my section was having a great time! I was in Rock And Roll Heaven. * And I was getting kisses too! I hated to see the show end.

My bite of the Big Apple was a sweet and one I will never forget it. Hope all of you going to tonight's show have as much fun and get a similarly great setlist.

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