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Name: Jack Flash
Subject: RE: 'High' Adventure In The Garden (A Review 1/18)
Date: Friday, January 20, 2006
Time: 6:02:29 PM
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RE: 'High' Adventure In The Garden (A Review 1/18)

Needless to say, my second live Stones experience was just as good as the first. I arrived about halfway through Metric's set (they swere enthusiastic and the chick singer did some cool synthesizer stuff, but they sucked pretty bad) and soon enough Keefer, Travelin' Man and Payphone Al showed up at my seat. We talked for a bit and then Payphone Al and I headed back to our seats.

They didn't go on until about 9:40 but it is was well worth the wait when they came on and ripped through JJF. Let's Spend The Night Together was kind of disapointing, though- it started out great but Mick and Keith both kind of fucked up until the end when the guitars finally resurfaced in the mix. A solid ONNYA led into the coolest surprise of the night, Love Is Strong. It was everything you could want it to be- Mick's harp was great as always and the guitars smoked. Rocks Off was increadible hard-rocking fun, followed up by Worried About You, which I never expected. Mick got realy into the falsetto, screaming out "BA-BAY!!!!!!" Ronnie played an incredible solo- no doubt the best of night. They totally nailed Rain Fall Down- might I say it was even groovier than the album version. Micnight Rambler was probably the one song I wanted to hear most and I got it- it was increadible. When Keith started on the opening riff, EVERYBODY in the building and started grooving. Up next Payphone Al told me to expect Gimme Shlter but they launched into Tumbling Dice was great but not as good as the mind numbing version from the September show. But not to worry- in the middle of Mick's intoductions Keef started picking out GS and the band followed. Everyone seems to think was planned but I'm not sure cuz it sounded a bit shaky at first. But once Lisa's stunning solo, they turned it up a notch and all was right with the world. Then we had Keith. This Place Is Empty sucked- even though he was in good voice (for him)- but Happy was of course awesome. Miss You was once again bluesy and surprisingly good, Keith's opening Rough Justice riff kicked ass and GOOMC was welcome and cool. Payphone Al had these kickass binoculars on once they were on the B-stage I could focus right colse up on Keef's butt ugly yet somehow beautiful face (hmmmmm... that's an interesting statement). Then came the warhorse parade and I'd say HTW, SFTD and SMU were all better than in September. Keef kicked ass on Satisfaction.

All in all, I had a great time singing, playing air guitar, hanging with Gassers (however briefly) and once again experiencing the World's Greatest Rock N' Roll Band!

And TM, thanks for the kind words about the hair. I take great pride in it. I dig your beard.

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