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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE:A couple of replies in one...
Date: Friday, January 17, 2020
Time: 1:11:55 PM
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RE: RE:A couple of replies in one...

Funny, I've hadn't titled a reply post like this one since Gasland closed down.... But I'm replying to both gomper and DA here...

gomper wrote:

For Jack Nitzsche, I ranked the YCAGWYW work as # 1.

I almost didn't even list that one when I put the choices together last week for this poll... as I usually for a question like this only list performances. But then I realized I had to list it, as this was one of the Stones greatest tunes ever and Jack's suggestion to use the choir was what made the song stand out like it did. That, and Brian bringing in Al Kooper to play on the song was real important too, as his french horn (and piano) was just as important as the choir making this Rock song sound different and so special. Yet one has to wonder why Jack didn't play piano on the song, either? But still, he was half the reason it turned out like it did, that and again, Brian bringing in and suggesting to Kooper to play the french horn - since BJ also didn't play on the studio take of this song either, as his right hand was in a cast. But he told Al, something along the lines of 'if I was playing on this today, I'd be playing the french horn', so Al - who never played french horn before, took BJ's horn part and the rest is music history.

and # 3 would be Let's Spend The Night Together, which I see is polling at the top.

I voted for this one myself. I just love honky tonk piano playing! Hey, and with that comment, I just thought up 2 new future poll questions - one for the Stones poll and 1 for the Rock polls, "Best honky tonk piano played in a song"... Only thing is, I can't recall if I already asked this question years ago, but I don't thin I have - at least not in the Stones poll... but I will check for sure!

“The Sound of Silence” is such a classic, timeless song. The vid is a 10 for me.

Me too and almost anybody else I see! Right now in the voting, the vid has the second highest 10 rating ever (in percentage) seen in any of these many videos that we have voted on already. But it's still light years away from the highest rating ever we gave Lennon's "Imagine" video. That one rated so high that I don't think any other vid will ever score higher... but... it's nice to see S&G get the #2 spot, and it's pretty much at this point guaranteed to finish in the voting as the second highest score for this poll since the week and voting on it is almost up.

"worst pop/rock song ever" question. I love this question. And I think its one of the most fun and interesting questions here in YEARS!!!

Wow, really?! Thanks, that means a lot to me after all of these years of thinking up new questions! Crazy how I only came up with the question a few weeks ago during the holidays! I was also thinking of doing a worst #1 album poll, too, but that would be a lot harder to put together, since while I myself know most hit songs, many hit LPs by artists I don't care for, I don't know at all.

To be perfectly honest with you, there are maybe 4 or 5 songs on that list that I actually like.

Yeah, at least that many for me too, as I didn't list all of the ones I like. I recall hating "Sugar Sugar" when it first came out, but today I love it! It just grew on me I guess.

DA wrote:

I just got a new computer and I'm still figuring my way around

Yeah, thanks to asshole Bill Gates, most of the Baby Boomers need new computers as of Jan 14! I say that since most Boomers (like myself) still use Windows 7 - which still works great. So what did Bill do and decide on? Windows 7 computers will no longer get any new updates or patches as of the 14th, even with W7 being the most used computer still today with my generation (like 60% of Boomers still use W7)... There should a a law to stop a rich asshole like him from doing this to so many people! But if you use W7, it will be susceptible to viruses now and in time more than likely you will get one on your old computer! So for that reason only, I'm getting a new one too sometime in the next week or so, even though this W7 works 100% fine and is the best computer I ever had (and I've had many). I guess dirty Bill isn't dirty rich enough yet, so he giving the people who made him rich in the first place the middle finger, and wants even more from us. The last ting I want to do is get a W10 and have to learn how to use it. I just hope my old programs still work on it!

One last note, Gomper noted about the old Gassy days and how lots would reply to this in the past (if they had a password). Well first, still to this day - almost a full year after Gasland closed down forever... only about 15 former Gassers have passwords to post here with, and about half of those 15 still do post. Yet when I look at my domain's stat page to this day, I'm blown away by how many still come here each week to read this now Poll board. Some I'm sure were never Gassers/lurkers and come today for the polls only, but I bet many of today's lurkers are former Gassers, too. But since it will be a full year in 2 weeks time since Gasx3 closed - and since I can't find a soul who knows how to program old ASP, and able to reprogram this old classic ASP board - so I can split it in half and separate the Gas board from the now Poll post board, well I've given up on doing that (yet still, if you know 1990s ASP and wish to help, please drop me line). But that was why I never opened up the board to folks getting passwords to post at this new board - other than the 15 or so I chose since these were the Gassers who always commented to the Poll Post back in the Gassy days. I'm happy to see that half of them stuck around to keep posting replies here while I tried to split up the board and then let whoever wanted to post after that - in again to post. But that work never happened, and now a year later, maybe I should take a chance and just open up this joint to where all could make replies without a password - or use just one common password for all who wish to post? I need to decide on this - like now, but I keep putting it off! I mean, if a problem happens with one rogue poster, I can undo any damage pretty easy, in a second or 2. So it really isn't that big a deal I guess. But yet, I can't decide if I should do that or not. Guess I'm still thinking about it, Ronnie!

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