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Name: cool cool hand
E-Mail: 71492p
Subject: RE: Sister Morphine & PIB
Date: Wednesday, March 06, 2019
Time: 3:12:46 PM
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RE: Sister Morphine & PIB

Thanks Keno. My bad re Sister Morphine. Iíd erroneously assumed it was there at first and can see that it is correctly omitted. No direct reference to dying but when I saw your comment I had to reread the lyrics, as Iíd never in all the time of listening thought for a moment that the singer didnít die in the end. Last few lines always sealed it for me, with ďin the morning Iíll be deadĒ, albeit from the obvious druggie haze. Having reread I can see thatís not clear and I like your perspective that to have written the song they must have survived. Iíd always thought of it as being sung directly from a drug infused deathbed, shortly before death. Guess Mick and Marianne for that matter sing it pretty well if thatís the case and all things considered!

Again I agree with your PIB points and itís not clear that the song is directly about death. Thereís the reference to the loss of a love one, and is primarily about the resultant grief I think, but itís such a raw and primeval sounding song that that grief seems to go way past depression to me to a point of the singer seeking total and utter oblivion let alone death. I agree here tho that he doesnít get that death, but not so sure in Sister Morphine!

Interesting polls again Keno. Thanks

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