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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Sister Morphine & PIB
Date: Monday, March 04, 2019
Time: 11:23:50 AM
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RE: RE: Sister Morphine & PIB

"Sister Morphine" wasn't listed anywhere in any of the poll parts - since the song isn't about death or dying. Yes, it was about Marianne Faithfull's near death drug overdose (but such songs weren't listed), as she did live to tell her story in the song, even if at first she wasn't credited for writing it along with Mick (who claimed he wrote most of it). But she was credited years later for co-writing it after bitching about that fact. That song and that changed credit was the only time the Glimmers actually gave in to changing a song's writing credit that was incorrectly credited to them and not to the person who actually wrote it, or in this case, wrote a part of it.

Then this next bit isn't directed at you CCH, even if you noted that you voted for PIB. I'm just speaking in general here after I saw the early returns coming in for PIB... which really isn't about death either, but most Stones fans I see still feel or think that it is? The song is more so about anger issues, and was never about some girl's death, as many fans thought when the song was first released. I listed it since it still could be looked at as being a bit about death too (with the line about the cars all painted black, being about a funeral procession, and the singer wanting to "fade away"), but it sure as shit shouldn't win this poll - but with the fast start it got going in this final round, it looks like it will win if it keeps up the pace. Sure hope not since it would be a poor choice for what we are looking for; but fans just love this tune, as I do, but we aren't picking the best overall song listed in this poll, not at all. We are picking the best song that deals with death or dying, and PIB doesn't do that IMO. Most of our Stones fans vote on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I guess we will see what mid week brings to this question and if PIB ends up on top.

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