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Name: Shattered
Subject: music you love that would surprise us all? nsc
Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Time: 5:14:00 AM
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music you love that would surprise us all? nsc

Hey Gomper. It sounds like you might greatly benefit from this incredible website:

It's all FREE. This place posts entire new albums regularly and you can listen, or download, and keep them forever! 😀 They list each album by artist and title, then right underneath that they list the genre(s). Sounds like you would like the ambient, deep trance, & downtempo genres.

On the left you'll see "Browse By Style where all the genres are listed, and you can click any of the genre names and get an explanation or definition of it (and see all their albums of that specific genre.)

I've been using Apple IPad 4 exclusively for a computer, so I can't listen to any of it. But believe me when I used windows, I downloaded every new listing for the ambient, deep trance, & downtempo genres, and stored them on in an external hard drive. But before I transferred them, I put each selection through this great ((and free) piece of software so all the VOLUMES are about the same. This thing is great ----> mp3gain <---- you'll love it. Before I stored music, or spoken word, each MP3 file went through this first. The default volume setting is 87.5 iirc. But I raised mine up to 92.

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