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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: Actors & actresses - How do they do it? (nsc)
Date: Saturday, October 06, 2018
Time: 6:15:21 AM
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RE: Actors & actresses - How do they do it? (nsc) stars just played themselves like cagney and errol flynn.

Wow, I'm glad you said that. There are actors who I think aren't really acting, like Chuck Norris, and Jerry Seinfeld. What I mean is -- they're playing themselves, not REAL acting (or is it?)

I'll watch Chuck Norris and I see a guy who's got that personality not only from the script, but in real life too, in my opinion. Yet here's the irony - a natural personality like Norris's can fill in the blanks in such a way that it's even better than what's on the script (and therefore the least directing a director has to give to the actor the better.)

I'm sure Chuck has enough control and is able to pick and choose his destiny --- what roles to accept, what 'tweaking' in the script he can do, so he's more able to play himself.

Actors, especially when playing a bad-person role, have a level of ~~ craziness?? 😝 Nah, 'crazy' is too vague. How about - they have some level of a sociopathic personality? If a sociopath hurts you, he/she doesn't care about the ramifications - your pain, your hurt, the aftermath and such. They like it.

I don't think I can play an extremely bad-guy role because I don't have the HEART to. I'm the opposite of a sociopath.

Especially while growing up, whenever I saw hurts, bad luck, and injustices, even on TV (even on COMEDY shows) I would suffer deep, profound, crippling sorrow, although I've hardened to an extent in later years. But if an aspiring actor brings some level of sociopathy to the table, that will greatly help. Did that make sense?

That's how I see 👁 it.

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