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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: D. Bowie = gotta see/hear this
Date: Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Time: 5:01:03 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: D. Bowie = gotta see/hear this

In the old days (1960s and 70s) it was the WW2 generation who would say it all the time to us mainly because they were raised in a authoritarian like state with the war machine going at full tilt. It was their crazy attitude that if they had to live that way - then everybody else had to live that way, as "follow the leader" was what their generation was all about. Then the Baby Boomers changed all of that - for a few years anyway. The funny (well really sad thing) is not only did most of the Boomers sell out and go back to the old clone male look, but today the younger generation has totally embraced that old look too. One thing that my dad was right about, when I was a teen, he would tell me that in time the short hair - straight male look would return - and he was 100% right. It in part happened because his generation held control of everything back when the Boomers came of age in the mid '70s and the WW2 generation forced their longharried male kids to cut off their long hair if they wanted a job - and everybody needs work, so like sheep - 98% of the guys did as big daddy told them to do. I was one of the few who refused. But now today, most of the male kids under 30 all look the same again and want the old short hair look. When I was a teen - dad would tell me to get a haircut by the next day or find another place to live. So I would leave home the next day and set up a tent in my neighbor's backyard, and by nightfall my dear mother would find me and take me back in - and tell my dad to leave me alone and let me be. 40 years later on - my teen grandson who I've raised, is totally into the short hair look. He told me the other day (and I hear this about once a month from him) that he needed to cut his hair cut, and I said to him "Cut what hair? You have no hair to cut!" So yes, it's funny how that role has changed back in time, just like my dad said it would, and man he would have loved how his grandsons and great grandsons (well all but one of them, and he has 10 total) all look today.

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