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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: tattoos.... (nsc)
Date: Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Time: 12:18:27 PM
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RE: tattoos.... (nsc)

I never cared for tattoos and never understood why people wanted them. If they could be removed easily when you got tired of them, or when you get older and they then look awful on your now wrinkled skin, then I could see getting one for a time, but not if they are permanent - and all over your body. I have a nephew who's in his mid 40s now and he has his entire body (from his neck on down) totally covered in tattoos, and to me he looks ridiculous. But hey, if that's what he wants, fine, it's his body, and his girlfriend of 25 years seems to love them on him.

My oldest daughter has 3 small tattoos on her lower leg, just below the knee - in the names of her 3 boys, and then she also had one down there in her ex-hubby's name, too. After she divorced him, she had a bigger tattoo put over where his name was that looks flat out stupid to me. My second wife also had one - but her's was very tiny and in a intimate place. I actually didn't mind her's since it was so small and shaped like a heart - and only I ever got to see it!

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