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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: sirius music channels...
Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Time: 12:59:39 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: sirius music channels...

Are we all talking about the same SiriusXM? How come all I ever hear are the same songs and they are repeated after about 12 hours or so?

Maybe I dislike it today because I've had it since before there was a SiriusXM radio, when it was just Sirius radio, and there was that second satellite radio station called "XM". I recall before they merged, yes, Sirius' classic rock station was excellent indeed, but as soon as the merger took place, Sirius' classic rock station was ended and taken over by XM's 2 programed classic rock stations and they instantly sucked at that time; you could clearly hear the difference once that happened. It was like listening to over the air FM radio again.

Of course it depends on what kind of over the air radio stations you have where you live, too. I've noted before that where I live you can't get any rock FM stations at all, since the mountains block the FM signals, so it's satellite radio or no radio other than one country station, and National Public Radio, which isn't bad but plays very little rock music. Once I drive out of town into the valley below, then there are 2 different rock stations I can pick up (the River Rat and Hippie radio) and they both are better than SiriusXM.

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