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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: sirius music channels...
Date: Sunday, July 08, 2018
Time: 3:20:38 AM
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RE: sirius music channels...

Lets see how you feel after you have it for over a year, or for over 10 years like I have had it.... I have had it with most of SirsusXM's classic rock stations which have terrible programing. They repeat the same music so often on those stations that it's no different than most FM stations, plus they claim no commercials when they clearly have commercials for their own stations, so that's really nothing but a lie. Overall, is it better than FM radio? Yes, but not by much. It ain't worth the price they charge IMO, but it is perhaps worth the price that Dish Network charges for it - but on there you only get the music stations and nothing more. So you can't get it in your car if you get via Dish. Yet for the overwhelming number of their listeners, they only get it in their cars. I know this since I used to work their 800 phone line, be it about 7 to 8 years ago, but chances are not too much has changed since then. Plus most of their listeners feel like you, which I don't get, other than if you only listen for a couple of hours a day I guess it ain't that bad. Listen to it all day long and you will see that deep down their programing sucks and is really no different than over the air radio. They have the tools to be great - but their programing sucks and they aren't. Of course I'm only talking about a few of their stations, since I don't listen to most of the other ones. Perhaps Deep Cuts doesn't repeat songs as often? That one I rarely listen to as I don't care for deep cuts from most average bands. But all of the other rock stations, and all of the country stations, and the one Blues station, all repeat themselves, and for a paid service, that sucks!

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