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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: RE: The Carpenters
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 9:24:31 PM
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RE: RE: RE: The Carpenters

I've loved the Carpenters right from the get-go. I had their first SEVEN albums. Their best LP is the fourth one, "A Song For You", the title track written by Leon Russell. (He also wrote the duo's 5th top-ten hit in a row, "Superstar".)

Richard Carpenter cowrote several of their songs with John Bettis, including "Only Yesterday", "Goodbye to Love", "Yesterday Once More", and "Top Of the World".

Little known fact: the album "Close to You" (1970) was their SECOND album, not first. Their first album came out in 1969 titled "Ticket to Ride". The title-track was actually a minor hit single. That debut album is a good, fun album where the songwriting team of Carpenter/Bettis wrote ELEVEN of the fourteen songs.

When the Carpenters released their sixth album, "Desire", the album cover scared me. Karen's head was conspicuously too big for her body. It really was scary. I hadn't known she was anorexic at that time.

According to the movie, when they released their first album in '69, Karen excitedly got a copy of a trade magazine (Billboard? Variety? I forget) because she knew "Ticket to Ride" was reviewed. As she read the favorable review to her older brother, she read, ".....The plump 19-year-old...."

She was so hurt by that adjective "PLUMP" that she became obsessed with exercising and eating salads.

There you have it. ONE word, 'plump' started her downfall, and the world eventually lost a lovely voice, and a beautiful person. I was deeply saddened when she died. When it was announced that the cause of death was anorexia, I thought back to that "Desire" album cover and I now understood why she looked like that.

We have to watch what we say Ronnie, because even the totally innocent use of the word "plump" can have devastating consequences.

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