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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: So many mistakes at Wikipedia on the Stones
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 2:48:26 AM
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RE: So many mistakes at Wikipedia on the Stones

Thanks for the comments, that helps! I've been reading up a bit over there and now see how it works. You can find out who edited what, but I only checked out the page for BTB on this and I don't recognize any of the names there who worked on the page. But I could see that about 2 years ago the personal info on who played what on the LP was a lot closer to being 100% correct, and it was changed in the last year by somebody who clearly didn't have a clue. So if things can be changed that easily, why waste your time working on a page when some uninformed fool can change what you just fixed? Perhaps a letter to the people who overlook this over there, and show them that they messed up in allowing the newer edits to stay up - when 2 years ago the info they had was correct while the new stuff added in is all wrong. Plus this is the case on just about every Stones LP up to BTB (at least, haven't checked the rest) over there.

I also looked up the info they have on my home town. They totally got half of the info wrong, like claiming that only around 100 people live here, when the number is actually around 2,000! So maybe I'll just fix that page and the hell with the Stones' LPs, as I got my own Stones site and 9 other websites to worry about; but my info is at least 99% right on my Stones site, unlike theirs, and nobody who is clueless can ever change my work here, unlike over there.

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