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Name: Keno
Subject: So many mistakes at Wikipedia on the Stones
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Time: 4:30:57 PM
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So many mistakes at Wikipedia on the Stones

There are so many mistakes on the info offered at when it comes to the Stones and their music. I mean it's flat out ridiculous how bad things are over there with mistake after mistake on most of their Stones pages. I understand the entire website is put together by fans and anybody can join in and edit mistakes there. But just how true is this? Does anybody here know? Has anybody here ever tried to edit over there? More important, just who wrote most of the incorrect info up there about the Stones? I try not to use their site too much because of these numerous mistakes and been thinking of maybe doing some editing there so the falsehoods can cease to exist. But if it's that easy to do, what you put up there could come down the next day by somebody who has false info and wants their misinformation to show instead. So is that's how it really is there?

Anyway, as some of you know, I've been re-rating the Stones albums on this site for the third time since 1998, going in album release order, and on this cloudy afternoon today I re-rated the Between the Buttons U.S version of the album. As has been the case with all of the albums so far as I go about this, BTB ended up with a slightly higher rating after I got through rating it today. But what I do, is while I'm playing the LP and rating each song, I like to look at each song's lyric and track info as it plays, but because I don't want to see my old ratings before I re-rate any one song, instead I've been going to Wikipedia site to see the song list order over there (where there's no ratings to see), since that's always the site you get whenever you place a search for such info for most songs or LPs these days. Years ago, my Stones' site came up first or second almost every time when searching for Stones albums/songs, but that's rare these days, the big sites always win out over the real Stones fans sites these days. But hey, at least I'm still the top choice if you Google for "Stones lyrics" only, but that's really it, other than for a few songs that has my site's lyrics page up there close to the top - that's usually for the deep cut songs only, songs that places like Wikipedia don't bother to have pages on.

But because of my rerating all of the songs, I've been checking Wikipedia when I do it, and for every single LP they got a ton of mistakes and misinformation. Seems whoever is doing this hates Brian Jones, since he is the one Stone whose info is lacking big time. BTB was especially bad - for starters, they only got BJ down for playing guitar on one song out of the 12 - that's it, and that's totally wrong! Plus Keith isn't the only backing singer on the LP as they state, both Bill and Brian sing on the LP too. On "Ruby Tuesday" alone, Brian sings the vocal harmony with Mick while Keith sings the backing vocal, yet on Wikipedia you aren't told that, according to them BJ doesn't sing at all on the album (while he clearly sings on at least 3 songs, as does Bill, who is also not credited). So somebody needs to remove the mistakes there and put up correct info that is actually true. But who's in charge of all of that dump, anybody know?

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