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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: I wonder what you Gassers what?
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Time: 5:07:01 AM
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RE: RE: I wonder what you Gassers what?

To be honest, I really don't know, as I hadn't thought of that yet. Yes, I have looked at the Stones VS poll and tried to figure out if we will have all of those matchups finished by then, and it's gonna be real, real close. Perhaps I'll have to run 5 or 6 of the VS poll that last week so we get them all done, but they would still be the secondly polls of that week, so yes, the main poll question would still be the true week 1000 question - and the true last question.

I have thought more of what the last several weeks of the polling would consist of, and as I noted here just last week, besides holding 8 weeks in a row (starting in 2 weeks) of finishing up what is left of the 4 LPs not to host a album VS series yet (since all first time album VS series are held at the main poll), then what? That's gonna leave only 11 weeks of new, non VS questions to ask. I wanted to go back to asking more Stones video questions, as they make for interesting poll lists at our list pages, and that appeal to check out the results would last for years to come at the list pages. But for those who might have noticed, the video polls while popular, still never see as many total votes cast as most other polls see, and I think that's because most want to check out the video first before voting - and don't just vote on the question instantly as they would with most other questions. But if voters don't have the time to view the current video when they first see the question, they plan to come back to do that, and then before the week is over, they just forget to return and end up missing the vote altogether. Yet we still see over a thousand votes cast each week when such questions are asked, just no record numbers.

So perhaps I'll close out the questions and just run those video questions up to week 999, and then for week 1000, I could leave it up to you guys to come up with a final week question? Then again, 99% of all of the questions asked each week since the very first week, have been questions that I came up with on my own, but the last one doesn't have to be from me.

So maybe I should start asking that now to you all? We are down to the last 20 weeks to figure that out, but then again, that won't be here to the week of Sept 24 if I figured it out right. I think 4 months sounds like a lot of time, whereas 20 weeks, doesn't.

So, what do you Gassers suggest? What would you ask, Ronnie?

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