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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: I think I got it!....
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Time: 1:26:55 PM
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RE: RE: RE: I think I got it!....

... well maybe, but it's a question that needs asking since the last studio LP came out. So it would just end up being run on the Rock poll in the future if I never get to it in the last 20 weeks at the Stones poll. But it's 100% a Stones question, and we already asked this question back when we ask which of the Stones LPs were the best releases for each decade. But we last asked the question back in 2008, when for the first decade of this century, there was but one to vote on, that being A Bigger Bang. The exact question was: What is the best studio album released so far by the Stones in this decade? There were 2 choices, since there was only one way to ask this question in '08, and we had to have 2 choices to run a poll, so the results were: 1) A Bigger Bang (released in 2005) 86.8% 2) None - I did not like A Bigger Bang, so I'm voting against it here. 13.2% ... So in other words, the chances are that ABB had to win the poll question in a landslide - unless non fans who hated the Stones or rock music, were the only ones to vote. Yet when I look at this page:, where the favorite songs from each decade are all listed (not too far down the page), well, I feel that needs updating for the '00s, and there's only one way to do that, by asking the question again with the now extra choice we have.

Yes, we already did place these 2 LPs up against each in the album VS sercis, but, this question is a bit different. Plus since the last LP came out in the second decade of this century, I'll have to reword the question just a bit. So if I don't ask this as a week 1000 question, I will ask it before the next 20 weeks are up. But then again, there's a few questions like this one involving each decade, like the best song from each one. But at least in those we had more than one choice when the poll was run. So anyway, you can expect to vote on this question in the next few weeks.... I think.

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