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Name: Keno
E-Mail: eno
Subject: RE: I'm no mathematician, but I think it's 300
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 10:31:54 AM
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RE: I'm no mathematician, but I think it's 300

Maybe. But hell, I'm dyslexic, so figuring it out is not something that I would want to do (although I tried several months back). But we have had around 225 matches so far (real close to that number anyway), so I think you are close. We got somewhere around 100 to go I guess, but that's not an exact number. I do have the exact number of rounds left for each LP in the poll file, but I haven't counted it all up either to get a whole number, but the average of matches left for all 25 LPs is around 4 each I believe (maybe less). But it don't really matter as long as we get to vote on them all, and we will, one way or another, even if I need to finish running the sercis at the Rock poll, they all will be voted on for sure in time.

Thing is, anyone can figure this all out by looking at the results at the Stones album VS list page and start counting - since every single Stones album VS poll ever run so far is up on that page. But again, I don't like counting. A very long time ago, I came up with a system that works 100% fine, so that each week I know exactly where the polls are at for each LP. This system was set up so no repeated matches would ever happen, and it has worked great and has never once failed me. But anyway, that's where I can see how many matches each have taken place for each LP and how many more are left to run. But damn, I don't feel like adding all of that up, even if the answer is in there, since again, it don't matter. I might like writing, but I hate adding, Ronnie!

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