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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Jimmy Page, 73 with his girlfriend, 27
Date: Tuesday, May 08, 2018
Time: 4:14:25 AM
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RE: Jimmy Page, 73 with his girlfriend, 27

Well I say it's wrong and have no problem saying that it is, but it's only wrong to me and as far as my option goes and that doesn't really matter.

We talked about this here a few months ago if some of you recall in regard to the Stones and Mick and Ronnie having babies born to them while in their 70s, so that is close to the same thing (perhaps even worst).

But in regard to this age thing only, the other side of me says what 2 adults of legal age want to do with each other is their business and nobody else's. That's the bottom line. But of course, the average person can see that it's all a matter of the older person taking advantage of a very young person because he's rich and famous and can get away with it - while on the other side of the coin, the younger person is actually doing the very same thing, as she's taking advantage of him only for his money. If Jimmy was just your average 73 year old man, many would say she's just a grave digger taking advantage of the elderly. While on the other hand, if she was your daughter, would you want her dating a old man with one foot in the grave? You might only feel he was taking advantage of your kid.

So again, the truth of the matter is it works both ways on this, they both are taking advantage of each other, and nobody has to like it but them. Perhaps as a old man I'm just jealous? Well no, deep down I don't really care at all, it's their lives. But since I myself did something close to this with my second wife being 20 years younger than me, back when I was in my late 30s and early 40s, I realized after a few years that a 20 year difference was too many years, and I went back to my first wife - who was 10 years older than me. But in this case, there's a 46 years difference. But once you get past about 12 years in age, that does get in the way some with any relationship - unless you are both into taking advantage of each other, then it can work for that reason only, not a great reason for a relationship, but the old man will die with a big smile on his face and the young gal will be rich and set for the rest of her life after that happens - and it will happen soon enough. It isn't like this is a lifetime commitment for her, she only will have to live with him for a few years and then it will be over and she can go on and live the rest of her life with a ton of money. So she's the one who wins the most here in the end. It may not look right on either end to the average person, but for them it works out to be right and again, what the rest of us think don't matter one bit. So goes life.

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