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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: a typical day for a stone
Date: Thursday, April 05, 2018
Time: 4:37:37 AM
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RE: a typical day for a stone

I recall years ago reading that McCartney would walk around in the outside world wearing disguises so nobody would bug him and he did that often and nobody knew who he was. You think after his friend was shot to death after always walking around NYC, that Paul would learn and take more caution these days? I mean the NYC subway isn't the safest place to be for even normal people. I got a feeling that is a false report about Paul, he really would be a fool to do that alone with no disguise.

As far as the Stones go and what they do in normal life - well it is just that, they live a normal life, other than they are super rich and can buy stuff that most of us can only dream of. But other than having a ton of money and much larger houses to live in along with cooks and maids, etc, they really don't live too much different than any of us; they just have more conveniences than the average person has.

As far as the internet goes, back about 10 years ago I know that only MJ and Bill were the ones in the band who were online once in a while. Like a few times a week. Mick used to read both Gasland and Stonesdoug's board in those days too, and that was it as far as his checking out the Stone fan boards went. That's a fact, although today I'm not sure if that still applies or not, as people's habits do change over time. I assume the Stones (as a band) are today on Facebook too, so I bet he would check that out too, but then again, I never had a Facebook account and know little about it, other than they appear to be why the Republicans were able to steal elections by stealing data from Facebook users (as I'm sure all of you in the U.S. have read about this in the last 2 weeks or so). But Mick does still care about his band and what his fans are saying, so I bet he still checks the net out as often as he used to do.

As far as the other Stones go, I was told that Ronnie once in a while would check out the internet, but not a lot, while Keith, MT, and Charlie had no interest in it at all. But that is old info and who knows if that still applies today? I did have that long, unfair, and nasty email exchange with MT's girlfriend about a year ago, so where some of them don't use the internet, members of their family still do, and I know for a fact that their insiders still do of course. The Stones management reads all of the boards to this day. Hell, Keith could be reading this very post right now for all I know, but a few years back at least he had zero interest in the net.

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