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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: a typical day for a stone
Date: Thursday, April 05, 2018
Time: 6:23:42 AM
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RE: RE: RE: a typical day for a stone

I don't think she is his ex, I believe she is still with him.... but... Well, it was like 3 or 4 years ago maybe - but you know me and my getting my dates mixed up, so maybe it was longer than that, but the entire thing was so ridiculous and pissed me off big time. If you recall, after MT toured with the Stones but only played on one or 2 songs a nite that were made by the band when he wasn't even in the group, well a few months after that tour ended, there were rumors going around that he might do the same for the next tour in the UK. So it was back then wherever that was.

But news was that MT would do the same thing again on the new tour, and something was written in a magazine that had absolutely nothing to do with our board, that was negative, since it noted that MT was too sick to play with them again, or something along those lines. In fact Keith Richards was the one who actually stated this in some magazine as to why he wasn't gonna be playing on the next tour with them because he was sick. But again, that was never once written here by me or anybody else (not at that point anyway, only after the mag came out), and anybody who has ever read this board knows that we are totally pro MT for sure. But clearly his young girlfriend Marlis had never read Gasland before and somebody told her the rumor started here that he was sick, or that I was the one who told the magazine that (today I can't even remember which mag it was, but Keith told them that, not me). So that's where the email exchange between the 2 of us started, as she was also his business manager and she wrote me asking me to retract what I had written and what was up on our board.

Of course there was nothing up on our board about this at all, as such a post was never made by anybody here, and I told her this was only written in some mag and Keith stated it, and that she needed to get ahold of them instead of me. So after I wrote her back telling her that, I got a return email from her insisting that it was up on the board and started here, or maybe I didn't write it or see it. I explained that sooner or later I will get to reading everything up on the board since that was my job as the board master and I assured her that whoever told her that was mistaken. So she wrote me back again insisting that it came from Gasx3 and I was totally pissed off at her at that point and I let her know it. I didn't give a crap who she was, as she had no right to accuse our board of something I knew for a fact was never started here. Plus she was telling MT that Gasland was reporting this crap when we were not. She claimed one nite just after she first wrote me, that as they were going to bed for the nite, MT said to her something along the lines that 'tomorrow morning they will be saying that I died'. Damn did that piss me off big time when she told me that, so I told her to make sure that MT knew for a fact such stories were not coming from here and that we were all big fans of MT and nothing more. She wrote me again insisting that it was true, and that it was I who told the mag this (so I was getting blamed for something Keith said!) and I even told her at one point to find the post where this BS was on our board if it actually was up here.

We must have exchanged about 15 emails on this over several weeks and I finally got a hold of 2 of my Stones insiders about her, asking if they knew who told her this crap that we started this nonsense. They assured me that nobody in the Stones camp told her anything on this was coming from us, and that they knew that for a fact and that I could tell her that they said this. I could also tell that these two long time insiders didn't care too much for her, either. So I told her that the Stones camp backed me up, and she for whatever reason assumed one of the insiders who I spoke to was my friend James (maybe because of his connection to my book, which she had read). But of the 2 insiders who I noted to her (without using their names), neither one were James. So she writes me assuming it was he, and says that she met him a few times and thought he was a nice, cool guy and was surprised he would tell me that. I had never once brought up his name in our emails, as like me, he had nothing at all to do with any of this. So I told her off one last time and asked her to leave me alone and never write me again unless she had something nice to say to me. I should had just told her that early on since that finally got her to stop writing me. But all I could think to myself after that was poor MT, he clearly didn't have too smart a business manager working for him, even if he had a pretty looking girlfriend.

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