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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Nugent....
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2018
Time: 10:25:44 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Nugent....

It's funny that the word "chicken hawk" means 2 totally different things, and both of it's meanings are being talked about in this thread to describe Nugent. That alone tells you how bad a man he really is.

As far as the war meaning of the word, as "chicken" being used to describe a coward, and "harks" to describe a person who supports war but refuses to fight in one himself. I myself was totally against the draft when it was in force and used, but I never supported the war - either, and that's the major difference between Nugent and most draft drogers of the '60s and early '70s. Only a true asshole would support a war yet be too chicken to fight in it, too. My guess was 99% of the people against the draft were also against the war. But then there were the few jerks around like Nugent who only supported it as long as they weren't putting their own life on the line fighting in it.

As far as the other chickenhark meaning, with "chicken" meaning children, and meaning men who go after underage children for sex, well it's very clear that Nugent not only sang and talked about that, but he did rape several young girls as young as 13. Now yes, I know that has been a thing for years in rock music, even Mick wrote about going after underage girls. Then that old 1950s song that the Door's covered with the lyrics "I eat more chicken, than any man ever seen", seems to totally describes Nugent, who claims it was okay for him to do that because he had the kid's parents permission to do it. Who the hell is he kidding with that? It's a known fact that some very sick parents sell their own kids into prostitution, but that doesn't make it okay for perverts like Nugent to still go after them! Yet he seems to think so.

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