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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: AXS TV/Mark Cuban
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2018
Time: 7:08:05 AM
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RE: RE: RE: AXS TV/Mark Cuban

First, welcome back sallyj, it's been a long time!

Yes, AXS TV has some very interesting old rock shows on there, along with live concerts, plus it's also the home of old Dan Rather and his interviews; next week he speaks to Robert Plant, and that one looks like it should be real good.

But what I posted about the movie Woodstock earlier today, well me being me, I went directly over to the AXS TV website to leave a complaint about their censorship of the movie, since it is an attack on the arts when that kind of crap is done, and again, just who are they protecting covering up nudity in classic movies like that one? Afterall, it was nudity and not sex that they censored and that isn't right, ever.

So I had forgotten that Mark Cuban owned the station, and when I went to the sit's contract page, I was surprised that they had an email address there to write him if you had any concerns about the station. So I did that, I wrote a long email to him bitching about the censorship, while not expecting a reply back.

So here I was on early Saturday afternoon, about to head out the door, and less than 15 minutes later I get a reply back directly from Cuban! I wasn't expecting that, and figured if I did get a reply it would be in some kind of form letter. But no, this was directly from him, his reply was on the short side, but no form letter either, and I was impressed that he wrote me back so fast! Maybe it was because it was a Saturday that he got back to me so fast? But then again, it was Saturday, you think a billionaire CEO would take the day off, right? Anyway, he told me that AXS didn't edit the movie at all, but that's how it was sent to them to show on TV - how the movie's distributors sent it to them. He stated they he would have prefer an uncensored version if he could have gotten one and would rather show that instead. So I wrote him back, suggesting that they should have refused showing it in that censored version, and let the distributors know it.

Anyway, we ended up writing each other back 5 times each on this in about an hour and a half's time. During that time my grandson came home and asked what I was doing on the computer on a Saturday afternoon (since I try to stay away from the computer from Saturday afternoon thru early Sunday nite - every weekend). I told him I was exchanging business emails with Mark Cuban, and that I was giving him some business advice (half joking, but in truth, that's what was half going down). "The guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks?" he asked. My grandson only likes one sport, and that's basketball, and he's crazy about it. So I told him, "Yeah, that guy, he also owns AXS TV, the station that censored the Woodstock movie the other night on TV". My grandson had watched more than half the movie with me, until his girlfriend showed up. "He's like real rich gramps, he won't write you back, he won't care what you have to say". So I showed him the replies I had already gotten back, and like me, he was impressed.

But really, I have written people like Cuban before. I write politicians all the time, but I only get form letters back from them, which really don't count as much. But I always felt it's still import to write such people since while they never normally write you back directly, they usually have others reading your mail for them and they do know learn how some of the people who they represent are thinking. In the case of a guy like Cuban, I'm like a customer to him, and he doesn't wish to lose any customers, and while I have received a few personal emails or letters in the past from a few other people of importance, I never before got a personal reply from somebody this high up on the ladder. So that made me feel good that this guy cares enough to write back people in that matter, good for him! He really isn't you average billionaire at all, he does seem to care and wants to hear what people have to say. So maybe just maybe, he will think twice the next time his station has to consider showing an altered, censored piece of art on his TV station. As I told him, it would be better for this station in the long run not to show the movie at all if he can't show the uncensored, original version. Hell, even the director's cut, that this version was (and shows extra performances), is ruined if it's censored, and I told him that.

So sally, perhaps you should go over to the AXS website and write Mark an email about your area not getting their station, it's stuff like that these guys want to know about. As it is, I also don't pay for any movie stations with my TV package either, as I don't really watch a lot of TV at all. I do have Dish satellite TV, since there are no over the air TV stations where I live, and I get the second tier package they offer, where I get the local Denver stations, along with stations like Comedy Central, the Weather Channel, and a few other stations like AXS TV, etc. It only costs like $10 more pre month to get, and it's worth it, as even us non billionaires can afford that!

Damn, it's light outside already, I better get to bed for some sleep, hell, we had to turn the clocks back tonight, so I already lost an hour's sleep anyway, but so did most everybody else in American this morning. I hate Daylight Saving (nothing) Time, Ronnie!

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