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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Just suppose
Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Time: 11:15:02 AM
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RE: Just suppose

I assume you mean by this, that the bands would have still been active with new members who would have replaced those in the band who passed away, right? Kinda like how the Who operates today? To me, they wouldn't be as much in demand today with missing original members. Yet the Who still draw with only 2 members left, even if they aren't really the Who anymore and I myself have no interest in seeing who's left in the band with the other 2 guys long gone. But I believe they still sell out shows, right? But The Beatles would just be Paul and Ringo today, and that won't be the true Beatles to me at all with just them 2, so I myself won't even go to see them, yet I bet many others still would. It would also be kinda like Lynyrd Skynyrd today, what you got now is only one original guy left, yet people still pay to see them, but not me. So going by bands like the two noted, I'm sure they would still gross well, yet many fans like myself would have no interest anymore in seeing them.

Now if the original members were all still alive, that would be a totally different story, can you imagine the Stones up there today with Brian, Stu, MT, and Bill all playing together? What a trip that would be indeed! Yet I think the original Beatles would still lead the way in attendance and gross revenue if this was so. But that's nothing but a impossible dream of course, since nobody lives forever and all people do die.

On a side note about death, I was watching the old Woodstock movie on TV the other night with a friend, it was on the AXS network. Hadn't seen in it ages, and it's still great to see (even if those morons at AXS censored the nudity from the film, just who are they protecting?, and from what are they protection us from?), and I noted to my friend that half of the performers shown are now long dead. She then said to me, "what about all of the fans they show there who attended, I bet half of them are gone now, too". No way of knowing of course, but a few minutes after she said that, they showed the part where that angry, redneck guy is interviewed, the nut who looks like he's in his 40s, and is saying crap like "You think it's okay with 15 year old kids on pot sleeping out in a field? They're all on pot!" If you saw the movie, I'm sure you remember that nut! So I said to my friend, "if society is lucky, that idiot is long dead by now". My friend replied, "yeah, but mean people seem to outlive everybody else, so he's more than likely still alive and around 100 years old now". Yeah, and if he's still around, I bet he's still bitching and putting down everybody who's not like him to this day, since.... only the good die young, Ronnie!

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